The most advanced smart visor for vehicles

We anticipate, FGS® – HUD Visor will be as important as: ABS (Automatic Breaking System), Airbags, Seatbelt and NVS® mirrors…

FGS-HUD Frontal Glare Smart® Visor system

FGS-HUD Frontal Glare Smart® Visor system

FGS® – HUD Visor system is an assembly in which the traditional sun visor is completed by a second visor, using smart glass technology (polarized, photochromic, SPD or LCD) and connectivity for HUD, GPS, Bluetooth and sensors technologies. Both visors are joined by means of a connector made with and controlled by a locking control system (LCS). The connector allows the smart visor to rotate, pivot and slide to protect against side glare under the rearview mirror. The system is made with a Driver’s  Voice Assistance Messaging System (VAMS). [Patent pending]

The automotive industry is constantly evolving with the technology changes: Electric cars, autonomous cars (without drivers), drivers’ visibility improvement with smart glasses (polarized and photochromic), new Heads Up Displays (HUD) technology projecting information in the form of images on the dashboard as well as on the windshield.

All these attempts have not solved the problem of frontal glare as that of the rear of mirrors was done. Today, automatic mirrors preventing drivers from being dazzled by the beams of vehicles behind them. The pioneers of this industry made billions of dollars – Gentex (i.e – has a market capitalization of $ 5.6 Billion at Nasdaq Stock exchange  (New York).

Our Multidirectional Frontal Smart Visor (FGS® Visor) solves the frontal problem glare by providing drivers with a protection system that allows his protection against incident beams oncoming from the front, on the left (door) side and the central part of the car – under the central rearview mirror. The new visor design is in harmony with the car’s interior design.

Our solution has been validated and adopted by cars manufacturers and sun visors manufacturers. We have improved the initial system was improved by introducing smart technology to our system along with sensors to allow the heads-up display (HUD) system, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi, the geospatial navigation system (GPS) , photochromic polarized glasses, or the liquid crystals display (LCD) system, and a touchscreen capability with a screen receiving infrared images for driving under the fog.

Thus, the driver is provided with a safety device that allows a better vision of the road anytime (night and day), get vital information such the driving speed or Global Positioning System (GPS) for his orientation. The wireless communication system (Wi-Fi) allows – at a standstill – to transmit text messaging as on a tablet or mobile phone.

We anticipate that FGS® – HUD Visor will become mandatory device like other safety products: Airbags, seatbelt, stability control device, child car seats.

The automotive market will exceed 100 million units worldwide in 2017. The arrival of important markets like China (50% of world production in 2016), India, Brazil, Russia gives the huge potential of our company. Safety sells. We are in our niche. Automotive safety.

With FGS® – HUD Visor we will open the industry of smart frontal glare sun visors. Our product will be installed originally by car manufacturers.

FGS® – HUD Visor multidirectional rotating system allows the driver to be protected from frontal and sides (left and right) glares. It brings safety and comfort to the driver.


The development of a permanent device protecting against frontal glare is overdue.


Product layout

RFGS® Visor will be produced in three models:  Luxury, Modern and Classic.
The product could be classified as follows:

Designation Makes or car segment
Luxury Near Luxury, Luxury, Sporty, specialty
Luxury-Passenger Passenger side Visor
Modern Mid-range, Upper Mid-range cars
Modern – Passenger Passenger side Visor
Classic Budget, Small, Lower mid-range



We anticipate, our product FGS® Visor  will be as important as: ABS (Automatic Breaking System), Airbags, Seat belt and NVS® mirrors…