Why Should you invest in our opportunity?

Lupsor System owns the exclusive right to produce and sell FGS®-HUD visor. Its Worldwide market consists of more than 500 million cars presently in use and more than 100 million new cars produced annually (16 million units in the USA, 25 million in China).

Approximately 2 million Luxury cars are produced annually in the world. We expect to supply 10% of this market within the first three years.

 We anticipate that FGS®-HUD visor will be as important as others safety device: ABS (Automatic Breaking System), airbags, seat belt and NVS mirror (automatic dimming mirror).

 We are in a “Niche Market”

With FGS®-HUD visor, we have a proprietary technology advantage in a niche market – “automotive safety product”. Safety SALES!

Our market survey showed that 67% of people don’t have their sunglasses in the car. Even if they did, it took a while to locate, wipe and wear it.

We believe that we have the unique opportunity to benefit from the value added to the traditional sun visor and technology.

We anticipate that FGS®-HUD visor will be as important as other safety devices like ABS (Automatic Breaking System), airbags, seat belt and NVS mirror (automatic dimming mirror).

Now, we are ready to partner with automotive industry suppliers to develop (prototype and test driving) and deliver the product by meeting the product quality and customers services requirements.


Here are some reasons to invest in our business opportunity:

  • FGS®-HUD visor is the most advanced smart frontal glare visor than those present in the market.
  • FGS®-HUD visor is an answer to the worldwide driver’s need for frontal glare device.
  • Written manufacturer’s interest in using FGS®-HUD visor has been obtained
  • The automobile manufacturer can install the FGS®-HUD visor without modifying the assembly plant
  • FGS®-HUD visor is easy for the driver or passenger to use/install
  • FGS®-HUD visor is uniquely constructed to prevent physical harm to the driver or passenger from its use, even in the event of sudden stops or maneuvers
  • The production cost/subcontractor are known
  • FGS®-HUD visor is superior to all other products patented to meet the automotive drivers need to reduce frontal and side glare. Our prototype has shown that the solution works.
  • The automatic dimming mirror[1] (Gentex™, Donnelly™) have opened the market and established market demand for automotive glare device.
  • We plan to go public within the next five year.
  • Our business plan projects a return on investment up to 60%. We estimate that our business will pay back between 10 to 13 times the initial investment after 7 years
  • Our management president is a former engineer and consultant at Renault Automobiles.

Confirmed customers interests

Our prototype shows that the solution works. Industry leaders have expressed their interest in the product. Some automakers already explored the possibility of installing FGS®-HUD visor in their car and light trucks.

Renault automobiles (Top 5) engineering team validated our technology. Automakers ceiling price is an important value added to sun visor function.

Members of the large Alliance formed by the groups RenaultNissanMitsubishi [10.6 million vehicles in 2017] were among the pioneers to take a major interest in our product. As well as Ford Motors company and Chrysler in the United States.

With Renault Automobiles referral to the sun visors maker Grupo Antolin, the former General Manager for France & United Kingdom, JB Blondeau wrote:

“This product can be introduced very quickly to BMW, Daimler Chrysler and Saab”

With the first contract, Lupsor will create the smart frontal glare device industry market. Just like the rear view mirror glare device market was created by Gentex Corp (MI) – [NASDAQ: GNTX – $5.4 Billion market Capitalization].


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Stock Exchange

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[1] All marks cited are the trademark of their owner.