The multidirectional FGS®-HUD Visor will be installed within the four cars segments: Luxury, Middle, Economic and Light truck vehicles


FGS-HUD Frontal Glare Smart® Visor system - New Design Harmony Line

FGS-HUD Frontal Glare Smart® Visor system – New Design Harmony Line – Illustration Only, Tesla Habitacle

The protection against frontal glare while driving is a major concern for cars manufacturers and transportation safety authorities throughout the world.

The traditional opaque sun visor is ineffective in eliminating frontal glare in some circumstances. Painting the upper portion of the windshield does not solve the frontal glare problem.

For their safety, drivers resort to using sunglasses. The market survey we made in Paris  shown that 67% of people do not have their sunglasses in the car. Even if they did have it, It takes time to locate, wipe and wear.

FGS® – HUD Visor system is an assembly in which the traditional sun visor is completed by a second transparent and smart photochromic visor. The smart visor automatically dims with the incident rays.

FGS® – HUD Visor is superior to all other products patented to meet the automotive drivers need to reduce frontal and side glare.


  • Secured international patents on the product technology
  • Established Lupsor Brand name to majors executives in the Automotive Industry Leaders
  • Established commercial contact with top ten carmakers in the United States and in Europe
  • Commenced negotiations with four of the top Ten Automakers Engineering Departments
  • Production scheme defined – subcontractors known (major suppliers in the automotive industry)
  • Final Product design started with major sun visor producer – Crotty Corporation (Michigan, USA)
  • Advanced sales contact with two Automakers: Japan/US make and one European make – pricing known
  • Customers are waiting for product samples for testing and final decision making
  • We have established relationships with and obtained letters of intent with our identified strategic partners.