Competitive advantage

  • We ‘re introducing a new safety product in a niche market, “car safety” with a technology advantage.
  • FGS® – HUD Visor is an answer to the worldwide driver’s need for a frontal glare device.
  • FGS® – HUD Visor is the most advanced safety sun visor designed.
  • FGS® – HUD Visor is superior to all other products patented to meet the automotive drivers need to reduce frontal and side glare.
  • Our prototype has shown that the solution works.


How to sustain competitive advantage?

 To sustain our competitive advantage, we have selected two market examples pertaining to glare problems and technology advantages in the automotive industry:

  • Gentex Corp. ( and Donnelly ( introduced the “Automatic Dimming rear view mirror” for rearview mirror glare protection (See: the rearview mirror glare paragraph in this document).

These products are installed in most luxury cars today. In spite of competition, Gentex’s investors have enjoyed consistent double-digit growth over the past decade, and the Company’s stock has split three times in the past five years while experiencing five-year compounded annual revenue and net income growth rates of 28 percent and 38 percent, respectively (Source – Gentex Corporation 1998 Annual report on Gentex website).

  • Our management president has four years experience in consulting in major manufacturing in the automotive industry


Notice:      Lupsor System Inc. is not promising the same or similar result but we consider our growth objectives similar to those of this company.

Rear view mirror glare industry

 The glare solution, which is, actually implemented in the automobile concern the rearview mirror glare.  GENTEX[1] Corp. has developed the product called “Night Vision Safety Mirror  – NVS® Mirror.” The mirror automatically dims the headlight of the car coming up behind the driver to the required level to eliminate the rearview mirror glare before he realizes there was a glaring problem.

Why dimming picture

Why dimming picture

We have chosen to present the Gentex Corp. case because of its similarity with Lupsor’s business model.

Both Gentex Corp. and Lupsor’s products have been started from the invention of their Founding Manager.

Gentex Corp. has had amazing growth with its NVS® Mirror.

In the year 1993, Gentex has brought their NVS® Mirror to market, as it can be observed in the financial summary chart given here above. Gentex’s growth has been spectacular because their superior, proprietary electrochromic and electro-optic technologies dominate the auto-dimming mirror market. Yet surprisingly, only 7 percent of the 52 million light vehicles produced annually around the world currently offer an electrochromic mirror. That means Gentex, with current annual mirror sales of $280 million, stands to gain the lion’s share of an auto-dimming mirror market that has reached more than $2.5 billion market capitalization (Gentex Corporation – 1998 Annual Report – financial data). Gentex Corp. sells another product concerning the fire detection but, NVS® Mirror represents 90% of the company sales and they are present in more than 100 car models worldwide.



[1] Founded in 1974, Gentex Corporation develops, manufactures and markets proprietary electro-optic products. The Company is the recognized world leader in the manufacturing of electrochromic, automatic-dimming mirrors for the auto industry, selling to nearly every automotive manufacturer worldwide.